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Department of Theatre presents: Extra Ordinary Beauty| Event

The Theatre Department at Lake Erie College presents an original play exploring instances of beauty in everyday life. Called “Extra Ordinary Beauty,” this experimental piece is being created collaboratively with the cast and crew under the direction of Lake Erie College Professor of Theatre Jerry Jaffe. Emphasizing movement, poetry, and ritual, Professor Jaffe developed this style of production while living and directing in New Zealand and Japan.

According to Professor Jaffe, the cast and crew created the piece by doing different theatre games and acting exercises. Then, as the creative team discovered interesting moments, they slowly assembled in a style similar to montage. The cast actively participates in crafting their work into a coherent piece of performance art. “Exploring movement and poetry,” Jaffe said, “opens a world of theatrical possibilities different from what most people are used to thinking of as theatre.” A few years ago, Prof. Jaffe published an article on staging these types of plays in the literary journal Karawane. Ensemble member and Theatre Major Vincent Vitale said, “It’s a deeply moving creative process, very different from any play I’ve done before.”

The ensemble includes LEC students Vincent Vitale, Alice Madsen, Kenyon Tomlinson, Eleanor Ramos, and Robin Pahoulis, LEC alumna Margaret Rose Gatzke, and local theatre artists, Greg Gnau, Beverly Kristie, and Abigail Marie. Marie is also the assistant director. The design team includes current LEC adjunct Jamie Zammiekiel, LEC alumna Julie Harter, and Paul Gatzke and Ray Beach. This performance art piece will have a run time of approximately 45 minutes. Dr. Jaffe has included an additional late performance at 12 midnight the evening of April 5.

Performance dates are April 4, 5, and 6 at 7:30, with a Sunday matinee on April 7 at 2pm and midnight showing Friday evening. Tickets are pay-what-you-can. Please visit our ticket portal and select the ticketing level of your choice. Tickets are available through the college’s On the Stage ticketing web portal http://our.show/savkzz7k33 . Any other questions can be directed to Prof Jaffe at 440-375-7451.